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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WCF Programming Model


  1. Disadvantage is that only HTTP protocol could be used.
  2. Another disadvantage is all the service will run on the same port.

WCF Programming Model:

WCF service have three parts  .Service,End Point,Hosting

Service  it is a class written in a .net language which have some method.service have one or more endpoint

Endpoint means communicate with client.end point have 3 parts  'ABC':

·         'A' for Address,

·         'B' for Binding

·         'C' for Contracts.

Address(WHERE): Address specifies the info about where to find the service.

Binding(HOW): Binding specifies the info for how to interact with the service.

Contracts(What): Contracts specifies the info for how the service is implemented and what it offers.



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