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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to use C# string Format

How to use C# string Format

string Format method replace the argument Object into a text equivalent System.String.

Replace string Particular index   for ex System.String.Format("Hi welcome Mr {0}","Sutahahr")

System.String.format(string format,Object arg0)


String format : The format String

The format String Syntax is like {indexNumber:formatCharacter}

Object arg0 : The object to be formatted.


String : The formatted String

Examples :

Currency :

String.Format("{0:c}", 10) will return $10.00

The currency symbol ($) displayed depends on the global locale settings.

Date :

String.Format("Today's date is {0:D}", DateTime.Now)

You will get Today's date like : 01 January 2005

Time :

String.Format("The current time is {0:T}", DateTime.Now)

You will get Current Time Like : 10:10:12

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